The importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA to our health can’t be stressed enough.  They provide numerous functions necessary for maintaining mental, cardiovascular and metabolic health.  I have used various forms of EPA and DHA in practice, always seeking to find the highest quality product available.  For the last few years that product has been Omega 900 EC, an iFOS five-star certified fish oil.  The manufacturer of this product, Xymogen, has just announced that they have made a significant advancement in absorption technology, making this high quality fish oil even better.

Using the same 5-star certified fish oil, Omega Monopure EC incorporates a patented lipid absorption enhancement technology called MaxSimil.  Basically what this does is change the EPA and DHA from a triglyceride or ethyl ester form to a monoglyceride form, think smaller and simpler.  Doing so allows it to bypass the body’s normal fat digestion process and makes it more absorbable.  While especially important for individuals with digestive, pancreatic or gall bladder challenges, this new technology provides greater benefits to everyone.

Studies show that MaxSimil fish oils have three times greater absorption of EPA and DHA compared to other leading fish oils.  In addition to reaching greater concentrations in the body, it does so faster and maintains the plasma levels longer.  One study demonstrated that after 24 hours, MaxSimil fish oil maintained 2-3x higher blood levels of EPA and DHA than the ethyl ester fish oil.  This means that, given a daily dose, circulating EPA and DHA levels can be expected to ramp up over time and remain high with steadily increasing exposure of cells to EPA, DHA and their metabolites.

Because Omega Monopure is so readily absorbable, a lower dosage is needed to achieve the same or better effects.  Additionally, you only need to take it once per day due to how long it remains in the blood.  I will be switching many of my patients to this new form, which comes in 2 different strengths.  Please ask me which dosage is right for you.

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