Fees and Insurance


Dr. Hall accepts most major forms of insurance.  Reimbursement from your insurance company is determined by your specific plan and annual deductible.  Additionally, many insurance plans impose caps on the amount that they pay per office visit.  We will copy your insurance information on your first visit to verify benefits, but recommend that you also call your insurance company ahead of time to check the specifics of your plan and determine if your deductible has been met.  You will pay for services rendered by Dr. Hall at the time of your visit until it has been determined what your insurance company will reimburse.  You may pay by check, credit card or cash.

Lab Work and Special Tests

Our office does not bill insurance for lab work or special tests.  However, most of the labs we work with can and will bill insurance on your behalf.  If you opt to have the lab bill your insurance, they will likely require a co-pay upon submission of the test.   Any amount not covered by your insurance will then be your responsibility.  Alternatively, many labs offer a discounted fee schedule for patients who choose to pre-pay out of pocket.  Often times these discounts are significant, in which case our office recommends utilizing the pre-pay option to ensure the lowest rates.  Additionally, some special studies focus on prevention, and your insurance company may determine them to not be “medically necessary”, i.e. not a matter of life and death.  Please contact your insurance company to determine if the recommended lab work will be covered prior to billing.

Fee Schedule

Initial Chiropractic Exam and Adjustment

Subsequent Chiropractic Visits

Initial Functional Medicine Consult

Subsequent Functional Medicine Visits

Lab Work and Special Studies







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